John Platt’s On Your Radar, May 13, 2014

The May 13 2014 edition of John Platt’s On Your Radar featured Connor Garvey, husband and wife team The Grahams and brother duo The Lords of Liechtenstein.

IMG_6298The first act, Connor Garvey has a classic singer/songwriter style with beguiling melodies and clever lyrics. He was charming, extolling his Irish heritage, spinning a tale about not really having any Irish songs for a Saint Patrick’s Day gig, needing to make one up to avoid being drummed out of the genre. His song about wanting to enjoy the opportunity to get old, showed an innate, wry humor mixed with existentialist awareness.




IMG_6317The Grahams have a rabble-rousing style which relies on an old-timey, upbeat repertoire. They displayed a knack for real intimacy by getting off the stage and standing in front of the audience, playing totally unplugged





IMG_6358aThe Lords of Liechtenstein relied on a humorous approach to win the heart of the OYR audience (and we assume every audience they play for). They flew their geek flag proudly, announcing that their signature argyle sweater vests were available for purchase, along with their CDs. The pinnacle of their act was their mock posturing as rock gods.


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