John Platt’s On Your Radar, June 10, 2014

On June 10, 2014, John Platt hosted David Lockwood,  Sharon Goldman and Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes at Rockwood Music Hall.


IMG_7138The first act, David Lockwood, was new to this attendee.  It was a wonderful surprise. David combined astute singer/songwriter chops with jazz flourishes. He was brilliantly supported by percussionist Chris Marshak, guitarist Mark Newman and bassist Malcolm Gold, who we knew from his work in the mid-’90s with Steve Tannen, our very first cover artist for Acoustic Live (June 1999 — Steve later formed The Weepies with his wife, Deb Talan). We were especially impressed by Mark Newman’s licks on lead guitar solos. Mark got responsive applause from the audience a couple of times. Malcolm and Chris were tasteful and expressive as well. We went home and immediately used up a bunch of eMusic credits on David’s recent recordings.

IMG_7169David was followed by Sharon Goldman, who continues to impress us with her wise and witty musical observations on life and love. She was accompanied on some songs by members of Scott Wolfson’s band, Other Heroes. Skyler Bode joined her on piano for one number and Mya Byrne on Mandolin on several songs.







IMG_7242Scott Wolfson’s Other Heroes rounded out the evening with an upbeat, virtuosic and extremely intelligent musical handling of a bunch of existential issues. Scott’s band included Matt Laurita (2nd Rhythm/Lead Guitar), Kirk Siee (Upright Bass), Chris Kelly – Drums and the aforementioned Mya Byrne ( Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar and Skyler Bode ( Piano/Keyboards, Concertina). Among those songs tackling pertinent issues was a favorite song of mine from his latest release Life on Fire, “You Can’t Break Me Again,” which ebulliently proclaimed, Go ahead, now, kick me when I’m down / I was born broken / You can’t break me again. The live version of another favorite, “1972,” was a treat, recalling the days when any of us might have found each other: Laughing at the joke, as your lungs filled up with smoke.


IMG_7214The evening was a coming out party of sorts for Other Heroes bandmate Mya (previously known as Jeremiah Birnbaum), who recently announced her emergence as a transgender woman. A tasteful black dress looked really good on her and she played with her usual dextrous aplomb.








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