Cuccaro_holding_7-13The listings guide/newsletter Acoustic Live in New York City is the brainchild of Richard Cuccaro. Richard began playing folk guitar and writing songs in college. He later tried his hand at performing, but found this too daunting. A stint as the volunteer manager at The Fast Folk Cafe in the mid-’90s enlarged his knowledge and appreciation of the contemporary folk singer/songwriter genre.
In June, 1999, one year after leaving The Fast Folk Cafe, Richard began publishing Acoustic Live as a listings guide with feature articles on musicians (venues were occasionally featured as well).
Primarily a listings guide, live performances are sorted by area and venue for acoustic and roots-based music with features on performing artists on the cover page.
There are three formats: a paper newsletter; a pdf, which is e-mailed to subscribers and media; and a website, acousticlive.com (home page — other links provided above).